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It all started when i purchased my first truck, a 78 Ford F-150. It was beautiful, two tone blue with only 118k original miles. It got nothing but praise and comments every where it went. Even turned Chevy guys to buy fords. It was my baby. I had to eventually sell it though. It was the hardest thing i have ever done. Now i drive another 78 F-150. It is a 4×4 with a 351m and a c6 tranny. The truck has taken me anywhere I have wanted to plus some. Even though it has a lot of rust, it get praise at the local gas station. The mileage on this one is 550,000 original miles and never has had the motor or anything else on the drive train rebuilt. It has been a wonderful truck, helped in the woods when i had 2000lbs in the bed and another 5000 on a trailer that it was hooked up to. If you ask me, Ford has always been a great product. I sell new fords and when a couple asked me, how long does a ford lasts, I show them my truck. I have always been a ford person and will never own anything else. Thank you ford for building a great product.

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Joshua Kelley The new ford cop car is the Taurus with option of the SHO Engine going in it.
4 year(s) ago via
James Porter I think Fords are in our gene pool. Daddy always owned a black Ford pickup, and my brother and i are Ford fans. We do buy other colors. Daddy thought black Ford pickups just "pulled better." Who knowsl? I am a big fan of Ford cop cars and look forward to the new Ford Interceptor written it comes out next year I believe. The magazine article said Ford is consulting with law enforcement types for input, and working with Michigan State Univ. and the L.A.P.D. in development. It looks as if it will be based on the new Taurus with optional AWD. It is apparently strictly a special vehicle offering. James
4 year(s) ago via
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