I Am Here Because Of My Ford

It was New Years Eve 1988, I had to work at 05:30. I was an “Airfield maintenance Tech, so shift work was part of my life in the Canadian winters. Being that I was single and 24 years old, the New Years party in my home town of Ituna, Sask. was more attractive than going to work, which was an hour and a half away. So I stayed till the last minute, not partaking of the drinking activities because I had to work, but I decided to stay up for the festivities and drive straight to work for my shift. The drive was along lesser traveled roads, especially in the wee hours of the morning, not to mention that the temperature was -45 degrees with a windchill in the -70 range. I left for work at 2:30 am in my 1982 F-150. To say this was a very dumb move would be an understatement, but off I went to work. During the drive, after the first half hour or so, I felt myself pressing the gas pedal further down to maintain my speed. Soon I had the pedal to the floor, just to maintain 50 mph. I still had 40 mins to go on a lonely, cold, morning. Apparently ice began to from over top of the carburetor, and the air flow was being reduced accordingly. I was unaware, I just knew that I could not stop. With about 20 miles to go, the engine was knocking and rattling like “The Lord of the Dance”, and I was waiting for the engine to blow. I made it into the city with every lifter, connecting rod, wrist pin, and other moving part inside my 351, screaming for some lubrication. I pulled into the first open gas station, where I purchased 5 litres of oil, and proceeded to put it into the rattling engine. After about 5 or 6 mins, the noise stopped, I removed the ice from the carb and finised my trip to work. Now ordinarily this story would be one on the news of a person frozen to death in a pick up, in extreme cold. However, I was in my FORD. There is no good explanation for why this truck did not quit, or self destruct. It was beyond what anyone would even think to test for, but my F-150, with help from the Lord, got me to work. Even better yet, it gave me another day to talk about how foolish I was and how well engineered was that truck! Thank you Ford! Thank you Lord!

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