Built Ford Tough

About a year ago i rolled my truck 3 times and flipped it front to back 3 times due to a reckless driver. When the police and paramedics showed up to the scene they told my parents they didn’t expect to see anyone alive. They rushed me to the hospital with abdominal pain, and i walked out 3 hours later. Sure i have plenty of scars from that day but there isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t thank god for my life. If it weren’t for the paramedics doing everything in there power for me, or there being such an amazing trauma center over here i probably wouldn’t be in the shape i am today. Theirs no doubt in my mind that if i was driving any other type of truck other than Ford that i wouldn’t be here today telling my story. So thank you Ford for putting so much time and dedication into making sure that all of your vehicles are made safe. Ive always been a ford girl, and i will continue to be.

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Built Ford Tough

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OK Guys working on a Diesel Truck Engine is a pain! We are running off good mechanics because of the long days involved in just getting at the Engine to remove and head or worst. Suggestion;  why not get the engineers to design a frame that will slide out to allow easy access without removing the cab of the truck?  Yes I know what that would involve but it will save a lot of time at the shop, make customers happy with shorter turn around time and the mechanics will like it better as well.  I used to think a lift off/ tilt front end assembly like the Big trucks would help but with the engine so far back under the dash ot would not really help, unless you did a compination of both ideas.  Allow the frame to be unbolted and the slide the entire front of the truck foward to allow easy access to repair the engine assembly.  A boxed frame section with a boxed frame inside bolted very well but when unbolted the entire assembly would move foward. Wheels, and all.  Just disconnect the steering colum and remove the bolts in the frame section that is made to slide foward. brake lines and wiring and fuel lines are designed to allow for the foward movement.  The entire process of moving the assembly foward should be designed to allow a mechanic 30-45 minutes to access the Engine.  Yes the drive shaft will have to be removed or let the yoke slip out and then reinstall when sliding everything back together. This can be done with some good old Ford know how. Built Ford Tough. Ok the ball is in your court, lets do it.
Diesel Truck Engine Access
By: Ken A.
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