How I Got My 1928 Model A Coupe

I first saw this 28 Coupe when I was 16 years old, That was in 1975. I am now 52! It was parked in an old shed. I asked the “old” man if it was for sale,” No it’s not he said, well can I go look at it I asked? Sure. I wanted that car so bad. Years went by and I never forgot about it. Driving by on occasion over the years i would swing in and ask if it was for sell. I could see it still setting in that shed.The answer was always no. One day in the summer of 2009 I just decided to drive over there. I panicked as I saw how grown up with weeds the place had gotten and all the old “junk” was gone. I assumed the old man had Passed. He did. But His Widow was still there. When I pulled into the drive I could see the old thing was still setting in that shed. untouched and never moved. the tires had rotted off of it… my heart skipped a few beats, in her 90’s She was hesitant to open the door and was quite “grumpy” I asked if the car was for sale. She said “what car” and was annoyed, but after a smile or two from me she was standing on the porch gabbing away. Eventually taking me out to the shed to look at it. It was not for sale, her son was going to “fix it up” and keep it. She told me her husband restored it in the early 60’s and took his kids to the town Christmas Parade in 1963. While there someone ran into the front drivers side fender, Smashing it in. He was so mad and upset he drove it home, into the shed, parked it and NEVER drove it again. It sat as found since 1963 for 47 years in the shed. Mice, Dirt Dobbers and time took it’s toll on her…..
After an hour of conversation she took my name, address & number and a Bag of Horehound candy(I keep in the glove box) she uses it to make old fashioned cough syrup with(and a dash of whiskey) she said with a grin. I left knowing I would not hear from her. 3 weeks later I got a letter in the mail with the cough syrup recipe and her phone number saying she thinks she wants to sell me the car. I Wasted NO time in ringing her number. I bought the old car over the phone. I was one happy Man! Went the following weekend to pick it up.
After 47 yrs of setting, a slight tune up had this ole Gal rollin’ down the road again. I am often asked..when are you going to paint it? I say never going to paint it.. it took her 84 yrs to look like this :)

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John K i love a happy ending!
4 months(s) ago via
Joe I cant help asking what did you have to give for it.
1 year(s) ago via
J. Harley M Awesome story- I can relate!! I was thinking of putting that OOGA horn on my Focus, just for a lark! Thanks for the memories. HM.
1 year(s) ago via
Matias ive begun to thing that she will give you for free or lent the car on the testament xD (sorry about my english)
1 year(s) ago via
George B I"m really very Happy to see people Bringing the past BACK !!!!!! It's nice that people want to restore the past & Forget this future CRAP with computer JUNK !!! Hope this will continue Forever as long as possible George Basinger Jr
2 year(s) ago via
Thomas C These storys are always so much fun
2 year(s) ago via
Jesse Wow, i so glad you finally got it after all that time. thank you for your storie.
2 year(s) ago via
a rare fine these days, enjoy it as long as she is your. i can see it in a black-cherry w/ pearl like flake finish. sorry; but that is a my dream color for your baby.
2 year(s) ago via
Fred B A good love story always leaves me misty eyed .
2 year(s) ago via
JOE PERLONGO You sure are lucky. Thank you for sharing. Am 87 and i remenber riding in those cars. Just took a test drive in a 2013 TAURUS. Cannot belive how far cars have come.
2 year(s) ago via
Brenda That is so cool.... like wrinkles that tell the story of a person's life the old paint makes her who she is.... BRAVO
2 year(s) ago via
Marty Flom Persistence pays off! I love it. I was 14 when I fell in love with an old Ford that had been parked in the backyard of a paper route customer of mine. The year was 1961 and the car was a 1937 Ford 4 door standard with the 60hp V-8. 54,361 original miles. I finally got my dad to sign for it and I paid $30 in paper route earnings for it. I have owned over fifty great Fords since.
2 year(s) ago via
John K great story,i like happy endings
2 year(s) ago via
Eugene O Great story on another barn find and how persistance and follow through pays off. EO
2 year(s) ago via
Chris N That's a great story. Wish I could find one like that. I'll just keep looking. I don't want to paint mine either. -Chris
2 year(s) ago via
Robbie T I whole-heartedly love every thing about this story & I'm so glad you decided not to paint the coupe. If you could post more pictures of it all cleaned up would be great! Thanks for posting this story Robbie T.
2 year(s) ago via
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