My First Car, My Last Car!

I got my first FORD truck in 1991. My dad found me a 1972 Ford Bronco Explorer Sport. It was parked in an old barn on a ranch in Wyoming where the original owner parked it eleven years before. We went down to the local parts store bought a battery and threw it in. Sure enough she started right up first turn. We put some air in the tires (still the tires that FORD put on at the factory) and drove it home to Southern Wyoming. This was a five hour drive and the old Bronco did great! It had 30k miles on it then and was in great shape, a few scars from working on the ranch, but a solid truck. I drove it all through high school and college then parked it in dad’s garage for eight years until I could finally afford to ship it out East where I moved and start enjoying it again. It is now my daily driver and it is such a great feeling getting in it each day. Everytime I drive my old Ford Bronco I feel 15 all over again. I love getting compliments at the gas pump and people waving and thumbs up all the time as I drive it. Another great thing is the community of other Bronco owners that help everyone and share ideas and knowledge. some of the best times I have had is going to old Ford Bronco gatherings and getting to see what others have done to their Fords. Long live the Bronco!! :)

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Tyler Trowbridge Thanks Randy....
2 year(s) ago via
Justen Thompson they just dont stop! awesome truck and story
3 year(s) ago via
Randy Wickman LOVE IT! nice that you still have it after all this time.....great looking rig!
3 year(s) ago via
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Ford Engineers really need to do a better job designing the 3rd Row Power Fold Seats with a locking mechanism. This has happened to me to many times and when I called Ford to comment I was told I was the first to bring this up.  Below are a few comments from a recent Ford Explorer forum...  I sure wish Ford had installed a switch that disables the 3rd row seat control. I had ours packed for a trip and when I was moving an item it bumped the seat controls and caused the seat to try and fold up on the cargo. Not a happy situation! That's funny- I was thinking exactly the same thing last weekend. We were on our way to the lake and I had a car full of family plus 2 friends for the kids. The third row driver's side seat was flat for storage and filled with stuff, including a cooler full of food. We stopped on the way to fill two 5-gallon gas cans for the boat. As I was wiggling the second can into position, something bumped the seat switch and everything started to move. You can imagine the brief, "Oh, #$%@!" moment when I thought the gas can was going to get folded onto the kid sitting in the third row seat. Fortunately, the resistance sensor stopped the process but I was thinking two things: 1) Those switches need to be recessed and/or relocated. I've bumped them before. 2) I would like a master on/off switch for them. And a third thing pops into mind: If those switches were moved, maybe they could have a storage bin with a door in that panel- that would be great! Yesterday we had a car full of family (kids in the back) and I was moving some items around in the cargo area when I bumped the switch that caused the whole thing to try to collapse. Kids were in the back and the damn thing literally squished them up against the second seats... Tears, screaming all sorts of hell broke loose. Luckily I was able to grab the head rests as they were going over - and literally ripped the whole seat backwards and broke it off the mechanism. This is a big problem, and I demand to know what ford is going to do about it. If it was my wife and not me, who knows how the kids would have got out of there??? This has happened in the past with luggage, but now that kids are involved I think this is a recall issue - very poor design. I commend your ideas on an override switch, but that shouldn't be needed - how about the seats reverse when you simply push the opposite button for which it is trying to do a the time of the issue? Ridiculous and unacceptable engineering. I guess when they dumped Volvo all the safety minds left too huh?!
Needs a 3rd Row Power Seats Disabling / Locking Switch
By: Ken A.
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