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I took a picture of my two brother’s, my dad, and my truck. My dad, David, bought his 2001 F150 around 2003. About a year ago my youngest brother, Corey, bought his 1997 F150 and has had some fun modifying that to make it more original. I bought my 1999 F150 a few months later and have done some modifications to make my beast pop even more when I drive around, and just this past July, my other brother, Chase, bought his 2002 F150. The four men in the family can be seen in the photo attached in front of a field of corn (heartland of the working people) standing next to their truck showing their pride in their vehicle. Along with these trucks we also have a 2010 Ford Escape, 1978 Ford Bronco with a 454 in it, and last but not least, a 1965 Ford Galaxy. If this isn’t dedication….I don’t know what is.

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Kegan For some reason the story reads that the "1979" Bronco has a 454 in it, when it really has a 460.
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I have been a long standing Ford Ranger fanatic.  I am on my third Ranger. My current Ranger has been a true blessing, she is about to turn 220,000 miles.  I have maintained her well and being a 4x4 she has seen many mountains and fields.  I was, and am still, very dishearted to see the Ford Family drop the Ranger line and not consider reintroduction of this truck in 2015.  I prefer the smaller truck frame for convenience and ease of parking when not out in the field or mountains.  I will say I wish Ford would quickly consider offering this size of truck again, and to do so in a 4 door 4-5 person size with small and larger bed sizes.  When I add up the options I would like to have on my new truck (while in the F150 catagory) the price is just too much.  Two of your Import competitors offer this size of truck, but I really honestly hate to go this route.  Even if Ford offered an incentive to keep me on I'd be settling for a truck size I'm not interested in.  Please reconsider offering the Ranger format again - and soon.  Not sure how many more miles or trails my Ranger can take!.
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By: Ken A.
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