Spectacular Milage And Experience

45.4 MPG on the way today home from a 90 mile client trip, starting with the interstate highway driving 70 -72 mph, then taking mostly state highway and driving about 55 mph.

It doesn’t even have 600 miles on it yet and it was in 35 degree temps. Spectacular! And what a beautiful, comfortable, roomy car!

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brian e I've had a wide range of mileage experiences with my 2013 Fusion Hybrid. I got mine in January and it did take a little time in figuring out ways to improve my driving habits to make sure I was getting the electric motor to come on as often as possible. The biggest adjustment I found was Not leaving my foot on the gas pedal constantly. Simply by lifting my foot off the gas pedal and then easing it back on, watching my guages (which are Great Tools) I learned how to keep the car in EV mode much more often. It became a great game to myself trying to keep the car in "blue" mode. I became a more careful driver, even my wife noticed :) My daughter, from the backseat, comments if I lose a leaf off the monitor...haha... My results have been as high as 88 mpg on short 2 mile trips home from the grocery store. Often these short trips I can get it to 60+ mpg. Careful gas pedal pressure, speed at 45 mph or less on the city streets. My typical drive is 15 miles one way to work... I am on the highway for about half of that at speeds of 70-75 typically, then city streets rest of the way and I get 38 - 44 mpg normally. On the interstate I drive there is no way to keep it at 60 or below (interstate 40 in NC) to keep the electric motor on. But since my drive is not too long on that road I am happy with my avg. Now, I have driven home on a road where I keep the car at 55 or below, the road is quite level for many miles and then 35-45 mph rest of roads home... that 15 mile trip I have gotten 45mpg and was having a great time on the ride trying to maximize my driving style to minimize gas engine running more than it had too. If I just stay on the gas and don't think about driving more carefully.. I do get 33mpg.. thats the lowest I've ever seen my screen report. I just love this car overall, would I like it if I could drive any way I want, be as heavy footed as I want, break as hard and short as I want and get a lovely 47 mpg?? Sure.. but you can't. Don't buy a hybrid if you don't want to learn to adjust your years of driving habits to be more "in tune" with what the technology needs to give you better mileage. Just buy the gas version of the Fusion and enjoy that mileage. I'm sure i'll have more to say on this topic as the year goes on. I'm at almost 2k mileage on the car atm and we are heading into spring then summer here in NC, so will be interested to see how the warmer temps affect my mileage. Thanks Ford, this is my first Ford by the way, and I am very pleased so far !! 48 yr old driver in NC
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