Great Car!

I am in love with my cmax Energi!  I love everything about it, but what I love most is sailing past gas stations with their ridiculously high prices. Because of this car,  I have more money in my purse. Today is July 13th, and in three days, it will be one month since my last fill up. I just checked my mileage, and I have gone 700 miles on that tank one of gas, and I still have more than a quarter tank left. I will admit, that taking a road trip with some distance or considering winter driving, the MPGe is not as impressive. If you just need a car for some local driving, this should be the one. I’m also very lucky, because I was able to get a free 240 charger from Detroit Edison with a special meter and rates; my total electrical costs for a month of charging aversge about $15.  This car was the right choice for me. 

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I am a paramedic and have worked in the emergency medical services for over twenty years and have seen a lot of great changes in the safety aspects of car design. As you already know, driver distraction is becoming or may already be the number one cause of vehicle accidents. Because of this I have wondered what could be done to increase driver's incentive to maintain proper control of their vehicles and minimize driver distractions. In emergency vehicle driving courses we are taught to drive two handed with a 10 and 2 o'clock hand positioning at all times. This is to ensure that we have adequate control over the vehicle as well as to reduce injuries should there be an airbag deployment from a collision. Some insurance companies offer devices to monitor safe driving activities in order to give the customer an option to drive safer and possibly save on their insurance premiums.I was curious as to why couldn't automobile manufacturers incorporate something similar to what the insurance companies are doing into the steering wheel of an automobile. A device similar to what you find on exercise equipment handles that reads a person's heart rate. Flat stainless steel sensors positioned at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel that could read when the person was driving with two hands on the wheel. As an added desirable benefit, the vehicle would obtain greater gas mileage if the driver maintained this hand positioning. Of course audible alarms or messages could also be incorporated to be activated when the driver removes their hands from these positions. I am not an engineer, but think that with the computer technology that is already incorporated into automobiles these days, that something of this nature would be easily accomplished and if it saved lives it would be a great safety option to be placed on vehicles.
Safe Driving Incentive
By: Gary G.
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