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Had a 1969 Ford Thunderbird coupe, and 2006 Ford Mustang. Now, the 2013 Ford Fusion S. Like it a lot. 14.1 mpg back and forth to work, a mile and a half, down a hill there, up a hill home, in the Pennsylvania winter. Allow the tachometer to drop below 1,000 rpm before engaging the transmission. Higher mpg in warm weather. 30’s on back roads, and highway. Not disappointed. Really like the car.

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roger w i have a 2012 fusion sel, my wife liked it so much when the new 2013 fusion came out,she traded her van for a 2013 deep impact blue fusion.... both cars are outstanding and fun to drive, but the two cars are very different feeling to drive. we love them both.
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David E Hit 36.2 mpg the other day, mostly highway driving, going to see my niece.
1 year(s) ago via
JOhn Then you would REALLY love the Energi!!! averaging 200 MPG on the first tank from the dealer. I'm concerned I'll need to start adding fuel stablizer
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Frederic S Have an SE manual tranny. Built Jan.13. I ordered this car with the equipment I wanted. The car is gorgeous, fun to drive, and very hi tech. Exceeds all of my expectations. Nothing in its class comes close. Ford hit a home run with the new Fusion.
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Most older people like larger cars than Toyota and Nissan that is why they have always chosen the Mercury Grand Marquis, the Crown Victoria and the Lincoln Town Cars. You have the "Baby Boomers" coming of age to buy these larger cars and you have discontinued making 2 of them and down sized the other one until it is no larger than a Toyota or Honda. People don't always like Suv's to get a larger car but they are Forced to buy them for the bigger experience. My Grandson has a wife and 3 children and they had to buy an Suv and a double cab pickup truck to carry their family around. You cannot put 3 car seats in the rear seat of a compact car comfortably. I am just absolutely frustrated with Ford that they have let the designers cut their product line down to 3 cars and Suv's, all compacts. I want to trade in my Mercury Grand Marquis LS (2007) for a newer car, but there is not a car on the market today the size of mine. I will not trade down in size. I will keep what I have until a car manufacturer wakes up and suddenly realizes they have "cut off their noses to spite there face". Ford Fusion, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta will not support Ford Motor Company. Neither will the Ford F-150 that was once Motor Trend "Truck Of The Year" but not any more. What has happened to the Ford we all used to know. Is it gone forever? I sure hope not!!! Give us something bigger and better. Thank you, Ron Tuten
Bigger cars
By: Gary G.
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