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There has always been a Ford in my family. Before I was born, it was an ’84 Ranger. Right after I was born, it was an ’86 Bronco. Then throughout the years we had an Escort, Taurus, F-150, and Explorer. I guess you can say that the Ford brand and their commitment to safety has been instilled into me throughout my entire life. So it was only fitting for me to drive a Ford. I originally bought an ’03 Focus ZX3, but decided it was too small and purchased a brand new ’07 Fusion shortly after. The Fusion has drawn more attention than I could ever imagine. People would look at it and say “Wow, that’s a Ford?” “Wait, Ford makes this car?” “I didn’t know Ford made cars that looked like that.” I automatically felt like a member of the Ford marketing team and I was happy to let people drive my car and see the look of shock and surprise on their face. The way it drove, the quality, and the design surprised everyone who has sat behind the wheel of my car. And before I knew it, 3 people I knew purchased new Fusions after me.

Ford is more than just a brand or car company. They have created a community of Ford drivers who share the same passion about vehicles, whether it’s performance, safety, or innovation. Fellow Ford owners will know exactly what I’m talking about. We even have to answer to those who question our decisions because we drive a “Ford”. But at the end of the day, I know I’m proud to drive a Ford and I only hope to pass on the Ford tradition to my future generations. I will forever drive a Ford. It’s the only brand of vehicle I truly feel comfortable and safe in.

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Jose Esquilin I know what you are talking about lol i purchased a br and new 06 fusion se white with the sport package and love it i used to drive Toyota and nissan like all my cousins, and after i got my fusion i would never go back to a nissan or toyota....after i got the car all my cousins were making fun of me because i was driving a ford but few months after every time we were going out they would fight over who was going with me in my fusion. Since then many of the has followed me and drive ford vehicles now.....thay are the best
3 year(s) ago via
jason Tugade Haha i had the same comment on my 06 black SEL fusion when i first got it. I drove to the gas station and i had a group of people looking at it when i went out from the cashier. They were like is that the new ford?? its NICE!!!!!!!
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Mike Hernon I understand EXACTLY what Warren is talking about! My wife and I have been Honda drivers for the past 15 years. You could probably call us "Honda loyalists". We have driven Civics, Accords, a CR-V, and a Pilot. My 2005 Pilot was showing it's age and mechanical problems were becoming more and more of a concern. I went to the Honda dealer to look at the new Pilots but I found myself realizing that if I wanted anything other than the base trim, I'd be paying out the wahzoo for features I thought should be standard. I left the Honda dealer unhappy and did some research online and found surprisingly high reviews on Ford from numerous owners and critics. I decided maybe it was time to check them out. I've never driven a Ford since I've always heard negative comments about them, but I figured it was now or never. I went to the local Ford dealership and had my eyes set on the new Ford Edge. My first impressions were exactly what Warren said "Wow, this is a Ford?" The technology found in this vehicle is absolutely amazing. I'm not a huge tech-geek, but I was amazed. Besides that, it drove amazingly well and I felt connected to the road. I was sold right away. A new 2011 Ford Edge Limited sits in my driveway for thousands less than I would spend on a lesser equipped Honda Pilot. After my wife drove the new Edge, she was simply impressed and decided it was time for her to get a new car. Her 2006 Accord was traded in for a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and she's extremely impressed. I'm actually kind of nervous with her having that kind of power in her hands. I've never seen my wife have so much fun in a car before. I cannot believe we didn't test drive Ford's earlier. So there you have it...My wife and I know exactly what Warren is talking about. Two long-time Honda owners are enjoying their new Fords! We have never had this much fun in a vehicle before and everyone is always looking at them! They truly are head-turners. It's almost crazy to say that it's quite possible our grass may start growing the Ford blue.
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John S I know how Warren feels. In the past, I only bought imports. I thought that if I wanted a quality car, that was the way to go. All have been a disappointment. All had one problem or another that I would just live with. I bought my first Ford, a new 2010 Escape, in April and can say that I am truely a proud member of the the Ford family. The quaility and the innovations are so apparent that buying another brand would be out of the question.
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Jesse Stottlemyer I know warren and I can say I have have a Ford F-150 of my own. I drove a Ford Crown Vic, E-150, Ranger, Explorer, 1967 F-100 and more to come. Jesse
4 year(s) ago via
Crystal Great article..I 'm going to check out some Fords!
4 year(s) ago via
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It would be great if Ford brought back the Bronco on an F150 frame as it originally was. I previously owned two Ford Explorers a 1999 and 2002 but I dislike the current styling of the Explorer and Escape. I would not consider buying one. They have lost the aggressive truck utility styling and look more like a van or crossover not something that should be taken off road or anywhere aside from hauling groceries or the family. There is a market for it and people who are looking for a true utility vehicle with the looks and ability of a truck.
Ford Bronco
By: Ken A.
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