My First Mustang

ok So my Dad gives me his ‘77 Ford Mustang, Black with Blue pinstripes, Tan interior. I loved that car, drove it till the wheels about fell off and “Still” kept driving it. One day my Dad decides that I am getting rid of the Mustang, (breaking my heart) and he tell me that I am taking over payments on his “other” car, now mind you the Mustang is PAID in full. But It was a gift from my dad as was the other car I just had to keep up the payments and at $88.00 a month I figured what the heck so I took the ‘85 Ford Escort in place of the ‘77 Mustang, and of course I liked it (not as much as the Mustang) but I drove that thing for a couple of years (4 years) until I became pregnant with my second child and I sold it to my neighbor who drove it for 3 more years (1997). I now have had a couple Mustangs and they are my favorite car. I now drive at the current time a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport and my husband drives a 1992 Ford F-250 that was purchased BRAND NEW in 1992 by his father who has since passed away. I guess you could say we both have FORD in our blood!

P.S. My father gave my son a ‘69 MACH I for his graduation, That is one car he will not get back as my son is in 7th heaven! (Pic of his car at present time)

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In the world of cars the mustang is my absolute favorite. But there is one thing that this car lacks most of all and that is performance handling. take a look at european cars compared to them we are in the stone ages yes i know the new mustang is wider and lowered also it has independent suspention all four tires, we will wait to see what it can do. Also we have a 5L engine that stock puts out around 450 HP really? how is it smaller engines can dut out the same? what i am trying to say is the mustang is an iconic car and when it first came out it was top of the line, throught the years of mustangs life it has fallen into a rut of terrible design untill the you have the 2005 or newer model. but performance on the track has still been lacking if ford wants to keep up in the world they need to have a faster, lighter and well it has already got the looks down but come on please for the pride of our country put money aside and make something amazing that can show the world what America can make out of its own garage! Thank you
Mustang Future
By: Ken A.
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