Smartphone as Infotainment hub
I would like to see Ford move away from creating expensive standalone Infotainment systems, whether they be HD radio, Satellite radios, GPS navigation system, etc. in favor of developing an interface that would use a person's smartphone and their smartphone apps as the central unit. Let people download their Pandora radio app, store their favorite music on the smartphone, use the Sirius radio app, use a GPS app or whatever they want--as well as the phone. The only thing Ford would have to provide is the interface. And since we can't develop an app for everyone, let the people developing them for smartphones do that part of it. Finally, the customer would only have to learn one set of apps to operate the smartphone and the infotainment system and the cost savings we could pass on to the customer.
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M D This idea is spot on. Ford's core competency is making cars not developing consumer electronics. Just recently the New York Times commented in an otherwise glowing article on the brand new 2013 Fusion by saying- Memo to Ford: "Get your electronics house in order"- and quick. Ford, the proposed idea above is exactly how you help the consumer. It is no secret that Mobile devices have become increasingly sophisticated and the screen has now become large enough that allowing the consumer to dock their phone in the center dashboard where the Ford Sync/My Ford Touch is housed would help solve the following consumer problems simultaneously: Problem #1 Conveniently charging one's cell phone. These new cell phones with their myriad of functionality drain the phone's battery life quickly. Sure, when I am in my car I could use a car charger but that is one extra cord I have to buy and gets tangled with everything else. I would rather be able to enter my car and conveniently dock by phone where the GPS used to be located and continue on my way communicating seamlessly with my mobile device through Ford's speaker system. Problem #2 Technology redundancy Since mobile phones have essentially replaced GPS, I do not need two devices (one in my car and one in my pocket) to tell me how to get from point A to point B. Also, with voice technology such as Siri on Apple's Iphone, I certainly do not need Microsoft Sync as well to bring up playlists or take phone calls. Given the choice between the two technologies I would rather use the device I interface with daily and regularly- My mobile device. Ford, the reality is that consumer technology evolves too quickly to keep up. Even technology companies and partners with Ford, such as Microsoft, have difficulty staying relevant. Microsoft is at their own crossroads trying to reinvent and seem to be staggeringly late to the game with many of their "new" technologies (ex. Search Engine Bing, their new tablet, their new mobile phone...yikes a little too late). With all of this being said, one could argue that the best solution is to get out of the way of consumer technology. It's a fickle market. Learn to inter-operate with the best consumer devices in existence today rather than develop and try to continually develop consumer friendly/appealing gadgetry of tomorrow with any single company. With a continually fragmented and rapidly changing consumer taste preferences Ford's best bet is to build appealing and reliable vehicles that inter-operate seamlessly with the technologies of today and tomorrow. It would be a shame to build a great vehicle but have a potential customer choose a competitor because of poorly designed or confusing communication technology inside the car. Just don't go there!
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Danny D Since Ford can't seem to get the MyTouch Sync System to work maybe this is a good idea.
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