Mustang Plug-In Hybrid in Europe

Ford Social Member, 11/7/2013

I do not understand the problem that Ford Mustang United States refuses to release the Mustang as plug-in hybrid . If you look at other car brands, sports cars even get more power and it also saves a lot of gasoline. The cliché, a plug-in hybrid is inappropriate for a sports car is imho nonsense .

For years, Ford shows the Evos plug-in hybrid sports car concept focusing that a plug-in hybrid fits perfectly for a sports car. And now Ford refuses to implement it into a Mustang. For other countries, Gasoline isn’t so extremely cheap as in the U.S. .I am from Germany. Gasoline is extremely expensive here. Here the price of gasoline is up to 250% more than in the U.S. You can hardly afford it. 1 gallon costs about 7,08 $ in Germany. Especially not, if it’s a sports car. Even a fuel-efficient EcoBoost will still be very expensive in terms of gasoline. I ‘m going to buy the Mustang, yes, only if I can buy it as a plug -in hybrid.

Additionally, it would be good publicity for Ford, if they sell the Mustang as “eco car” because it has a high impact in European media. By the way: It would be great if you would get the Mustang with hardtop . $ 5,000 for a softtop is too expensive and impractical.
And with additinal charge it would be cool if you could get wing doors.
I look forward to your comments and the discussion.

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  • Josh K 2 months(s) ago
    Cool idea.
  • Michael F 8 months(s) ago
    This is a solid idea I would like to see come to fruition. 
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