Fan and Turbine behind grill in all electric powered cars.

Ford Social Member, 5/2/2013

With the amount of air that passes through the grill when it could be used to power the batteries and charge them. More people would be interested in a plug-in hybrid if it could charge its self instead of the constant need to plug it in. The idea is to create a wind powered turbine that would be mounted behind the grill of the car that will cool the engine while charging the batteries of a plug-in hybrid. With how the American economy currently is saving money is in most peoples mind so by saving on the electrical cost to charge the batteries the can spend more time going further with ford.

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  • William S 4 months(s) ago
    Any power taken from a vehicle in motion has to come from the engine. Thats why the do regenerative braking but not regnerative driving. There is no way this would work unless it only happened when slowing down, and even then it would be just about the worst way to recover energy from the vehicle anyway. We make cars more aerodynamic, not less. 
  • William L 11 months(s) ago
    The extra drag created by the turbine would draw more power than it would create.
  • John D 11 months(s) ago
    Cool thought! But i think a little fan in the grill wouldn't be a very significant power source. On the highway it could do a pretty good job though! Also to consider bugs, dust and debris eroding the turbine. I think it should be placed somewhere else, but im not sure where.
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