Rules of Conduct

Ford Social Message Boards Rules of Conduct

Rules for Ford Social Media Engagement

Ford Social Message Boards Rules of Conduct

The Ford Social┬áMessage Boards (hereafter referred to as “Message Boards”) have been created exclusively for use by The Ford Social Members to conduct Ford Motor Company (hereafter referred to as “Ford”) related discussions. Agreement with these Rules of Conduct and use of the Message Boards imply concurrence with the following terms of service:

1. One Message Board registration is allowed per Member. By agreeing to these Rules, you certify that you have not accessed the Message Boards with another e-mail address that has had its Message Board privileges revoked.

2. Once you log in to your The Ford Social account and access the Message Boards, you thereby read and/or post messages at your own risk. Messages posted to the Message Boards and the content therein are not encrypted or secured by other means, and are available for unlimited viewing and printing by fellow The Ford Social Members. You are solely responsible for the content of your postings.

3. Ford and the employees, affiliates and agents thereof are not responsible for any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses that directly or indirectly result from your use of the Message Boards or your posted message content.

4. Ford disclaims responsibility for defamation, obscenity or any Message Board content that may be considered inappropriate by some Members. Ford reserves the right to remove any Message Board posting at any time.

5. Ford does not serve an editorial function in relation to these Message Boards and is not responsible for their content. However, Ford and the employees, affiliates and agents thereof may manually mediate or screen posted messages prior to online publication. Messages may be manually edited for content or length. Third-party links may be deleted, and self-serving posts will be blocked.

6. Ford reserves the right to apply automatic, computerized word filters to Message Board postings. These filters remove common expletives and obscenities without affecting overall message content. If and when applied, this filtering process will screen Message Board postings as they are published.

7. Any posting containing an obscenity will be blocked, and therefore not posted.

8. When posting messages, keep discussion as close as possible to the topic at hand.

9. Only messages written in English will be posted to the site. Messages posted in other languages will be blocked, and therefore not posted to the site.

10. The Message Boards are not the place to ask questions about your vehicle, and these comments will be blocked, and therefore not posted. If you have questions or concerns about your vehicle, we suggest you follow these steps:

a. Contact your Sales Representative or Service Advisor at your selling/servicing dealership.

b. If the inquiry or concern remains unresolved, contact the Sales Manager or Service Manager at the dealership.

c. If the inquiry or concern cannot be resolved at the dealership level, please contact Ford Motor Company at:



800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)
Available 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Local Time

Mailing Address

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126



Available 8:30a.m.-8:00p.m. Local Time Monday-Friday

Mailing Address

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Customer Relationship Centre
P.O. Box 2000
Oakville, Ontario, L6J5E4

10. Avoid posting copyrighted or trademarked material. If such material is posted within your message, you are solely responsible for such content.

11. Ford reserves the right to automatically block individual The Ford Social Members from posting messages to the Message Boards. The following activity is not permitted within the Message Boards and could result in revocation of your Message Board privileges at Ford’s discretion:

a. Posting of material designed to advertise or market enterprises, products or services.

b. Use of expletives, obscenities, or potentially libelous, defamatory, threatening or inappropriate words or statements.

c. Publishing of another Member’s personal information without permission.

d. Willful and prolonged exploitation of oversize fonts, JavaScript, tables, headings or other advanced HTML commands within posted message.

Rules for Ford Social Media Engagement

At Ford Motor Company, our social media strategy involves connecting our consumers with our employees in the digital space whenever possible, and providing value to them in the process. As a result, we have specific rules for online engagement, which, amongst other variables, involves abiding by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics.

Ford will:

  • Always request that our social media influencers be transparent and disclose their relationship, as well as anything they’ve received as a result of that relationship with Ford
  • Insist on honesty of opinion. We want both positive and negative reviews of our vehicles
  • Offer influencers engaging experiences that are worth talking about. We won’t be cutting and pasting press releases into e-mails in hopes someone will post them
  • Always carefully target our outreach to ensure that we aren’t “spamming” anyone with unwanted messages
  • Listen carefully to suggestions and concerns
  • Compensate influencers for consulting or other duties they do for Ford. This compensation will solely be for their time as an advisor and will not include an expectation that they will write about the project – favorably or unfavorably
  • Apologize quickly for any mistakes we make. No one is perfect and we are sure that we will make a misstep in our efforts to engage with the social web, but we will be sure to learn from our mistakes
  • Share this policy with all influencers we work with