First Ford Transit Connect Electric Vehicles Ship to Customers

Ford Motor Company and Azure Dynamics have begun shipping the first Ford Transit Connect Electrics to early customers in North America and to the United Kingdom for a demonstration project.

Transit Connect Electric is the first product in the Ford accelerated electrified vehicle plan, and will be followed by the Focus Electric passenger car in 2011, along with a plug-in hybrid electric and two next-generation lithium-ion battery-powered hybrid vehicles in 2012. Earlier in 2010, we took a ride in the Transit Connect Electric with Praveen Cherian, program manager for the vehicle. You can click here to read more and watch the video to come along on the ride.

The all-electric commercial vans, built on the Ford Transit Connect vehicle body, equipped with Azure Dynamics’ patented Force Drive™ battery electric powertrain, and assembled by AM General at its facility in Livonia, Michigan, are reaching the market 13 months after the collaboration to develop the zero-emission vehicle was first announced.

To date, all initial units have designated customers. Azure Dynamics’ LEAD customer program includes seven companies that are taking delivery of their first units in 2010, with the remainder of their orders to be filled in 2011. Customers that have been previously announced include AT&T, Southern California Edison, Xcel Energy, Johnson Controls Inc., New York Power Authority, Canada Post and Toronto Atmospheric Fund EV300. Additional LEAD customers will be identified by the end of the year.

Ford first announced the collaboration in October 2009, with an agreement for Azure Dynamics to upfit the Transit Connect van with Azure’s Force Drive battery electric drivetrain technology including Johnson Controls-Saft’s advanced lithium-ion battery, and a commitment to deliver the initial vehicles by the end of 2010 to the North American market. Initial production began in the fourth quarter of 2010 with full production of the Transit Connect Electric slated to ramp up in April 2011.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation provided incentive funding for Azure Dynamics to encourage selection of a Michigan-based partner for final assembly. Azure chose AM General LLC, to produce the Transit Connect Electric in its facility in Livonia. AM General, a long-established contract vehicle assembler and services provider, is responsible for final upfit of the Transit Connect Electric.

The all-electric, zero-emissions Transit Connect Electric has a driving range of up to 80 miles per full charge and is ideal for fleet owners who have well-defined routes of predictable distances and a central location for daily recharging. Delivery fleet and utility vehicle operators have begun to show a preference for smaller, more efficient vehicles, which creates an ideal time for Transit Connect Electric to come to market.

Owners will have the option of recharging Transit Connect Electric with either a standard 120-volt outlet, or preferably a 240-volt charge station, typically installed at the user’s base of operations for optimal recharging in six to eight hours. A transportable cord that works with both types of outlets will be available for convenient recharging at either voltage.

In addition to delivery of units to LEAD customers in North America, the Transit Connect Electric commercial van is headed to the United Kingdom, where 14 of the vehicles will take part in the government’s Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator program. The program, supported by Scottish and Southern Energy, utilizes a fleet of zero-emissions vehicles for the energy company, with designated drivers to test vehicle and infrastructure technology.

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Neil Meyer When can a private party order one? I have a construction company and I think the all electric Transit could be a good fit. I checked with a local dealer and they couldn't tell me when.
3 year(s) ago via
Brandie The Transit Connect and the Ford Focus are going to make a HUGE difference with the all electric powered engines. If only you could get longer than 80 miles on a charge, this would be perfect! People need reliable and cheap transportation to get back and forth to work as well! If I were to drive one, I would only be able to make a trip to work and back home... that doesn't leave much room to do any other driving in town. I think Ford is definitely moving in the right direction though! With gas getting as high as it is... I would be willing to trade in my large SUV for a Focus Electric- that would save me easily $250-$270 mo on gas! Keep it up Ford!
3 year(s) ago via
Sean Also the last article about the other Transit Connect that runs on gas that is now in Boston they and the rest of the United states should use this electric version for Taxis as well and possibly small transportation vans to take elderly and disable people home when they need to so there you go two more possibilities for the Ford Transit Connect Electric. Who Knows there could be other businesses that would want this van for sure only time will tell?
3 year(s) ago via
Sean I could see hospitals using these as imbalances by not using any gas or emitting any co2 in the air other jobs I could see this van being used in the future are. Plumbing, electricians, cable and satellite companies, businesses with warehouses when using small vehicles at times for transporting goods to there building if it' 80 miles or less when picking up the goods just to say. Last but not least maybe they could make a more heavily armored version for banks and the police.
3 year(s) ago via
Gregory Sitarski The costumers’ will enjoy them because I have first hand knowledge of this and that their the best the industry can offer in the Green Rides department. You can quote me on that And wait till next year when they reveal newer products that will surpass the Transit Connect
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Darren Carter My Ford Story is: "my past four cars were Ford's" last one was an F-150....
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Terry Wasik nuthin LIKE Electic Aveniue... ;) drive safe this festive season :D ...with true patroit LUV from CORNWALL,ontario Canada MMXo
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Bruce Harold See Seek not good from without: seek it from within yourselves, or you will never find it”
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Andrew Agoncillo Whem are we getting the diesels?
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Patti Kohnke Boyd For some reason I think this vehicle is soooo cute.
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Anoop Chaudhuri Fantastic! Go Ford!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Tommy Lynch Thumbs up if you like electric vehicles!!!!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Gotstuff Stoppa good job ford... keep on impressing
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Michael Peterson Electric vehicles just burn more coal or create more nuclear waste at the power plants. I'm a big supporter of Ford, but not this technology.
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Joe's Premium Painting That's awesome can't wait to get one
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Joy Richardson I like that van with the pics on it! plug it in!!!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Zachary Hanna Go ford!! Bring us more EV's!!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Luke 'Keith' Callan Well done Ford!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Luke 'Keith' Callan Yes, but european cars use less FUEL. You know, the stuff causing a violent change in global temperature and the frequency of serious and devestating climatic events...
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Roman Doering noooooo to small like european cars no!!!!!
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
Patrick Bolen i have invented a new type of electrical car that needs NO plug-in to recharge the car recharges its-self while you drive and it is totally fossil fuel free and solar is only a working prototype right now but with the right funding it could change the auto industry forever so please e-mail me at if interested in taking a look
3 year(s) ago via Facebook
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