What Do You Tow?

To some truck owners, towing a heavy load is a real point of pride. It’s a public exhibition of just how capable, tough and hard-working their truck is. When your Ford F-Series truck roars to life and moves that huge trailer without breaking a sweat, it makes you feel good.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate tough trucks by sharing some of our favorite towing stories and pics from Ford Social fans. If you’re an F-Series owner with a great story about a load that you hauled, create a We Own Work truck card to share your story! It’s quick, easy and you can battle your fellow Ford fanatics for some cool F-Series swag.


What happens when you have a 45-foot Excalibur motor boat that you need to move? Call the Coast Guard? A U.S. Army Chinook Helicopter?

Nope. Just hook it up to a 48-foot trailer and hook that up to your Ford F-450 Super Duty® and let the Power Stroke® handle it. As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, all it takes is a little help from a Super Duty to make this huge job a pleasure cruise.

Whole Lotta’ Logs

Ryan uses his 2003 Ford F-250 to move all sorts of stuff: PVC pipes, backhoes, construction equipment, you name it. But that might not compare to the 300 loads of giant logs that his Ford pulled out of the forests of West Virginia.

High Security

Tim’s security business requires a truck that can pull all sorts of crazy stuff. Sometimes it’s small, like cameras and turnstiles. Other times, his 2012 Ford F-250 is hauling materials needed to construct whole buildings.

All Aboard

What’s Jerry driving? It may look like a locomotive, but it’s actually a 2011 F-150 Lariat. His truck is pulling a full-size popup camping trailer, which is pulling a boat. All aboard the weekend recreation train! Next stop the family cottage.

Peaks and Valleys

Kyle’s job takes him all over the country. His 2010 F-350 has been pulling loads from the East Coast to the West Coast. From the mountains of Colorado, miles up in the air, to the bottom of Death Valley, California. According to him, there’s no other truck that could handle the heavy loads and hard miles.

Hauling the Hauler

Could a truck be so tough that it could haul itself, and then some? Gil’s 2006 F-350 is. When people doubted the hauling supremacy of his Super Duty, he hooked up his F-550 flatbed and took them both out for a spin. You might think it’s like dividing by zero, but he thought it was a breeze.

And there’s a whole lot more great stories where these came from. Check out the hundreds of testimonials from real Ford owners showing off the great things that they can do with their F-Series pickup trucks. Better yet, share your F-Series story by submitting a truck card of your own!

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Jim N I tow a flatbed trailer with one of my jeeps on it. it weighs 6,000 lbs . What is different is that I tow it with my Home built RV (a 94 F-700 with a 12 V 5.9 Cummins) For the first time I can truely say "I can't feel the trailer behind me"
22 day(s) ago via
cmt Try G.M.C. 3500 Dually and you'll change your mind. Just give it a try.
2 months(s) ago via
Dave T We tow a 2006 Heartland Monticello 40 foot 5th wheel with our 2001 F-350 Super Duty drw4X4 7.3 l V8 Diesel. That has almost 200,000 miles on it and still as strong as ever. We will never give up our Ford Truck!
5 months(s) ago via
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I will be purchasing a new pickup truck in the next year or two. I admire what you are doing with the aluminum body F-150 to save weight. However, you are still going to be beaten on fuel economy by the Chrysler/Dodge/Ram D1500 Ecodiesel. Their diesel is a European sourced V6 engine and with the 240 hp and 420 lb ft of torque and will be excellent at both fuel economy and towing. I would suggest you look at sourcing the Steyr manufactured 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder diesel Bmw uses in their 335d diesel car for adding a diesel option on the F150. It beats the Ram in both hp and torque with 265 hp and 425 lb ft torque. Mounted in your 700 lb lighter F150 you would be the undisputed fuel economy champ for light duty pickups and it would be a killer tow vehicle. I would buy one. Think about it and run it by Alan Mulally. My first Ford pickup was a 1962, my last one was a 1973 model. Both of them got about 10 mpg. I'd like to buy another one but give me a reason to buy one. Thank you for your time. . . Bohn F
F150 Diesel
By: Ken A.
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