F-Series Evolution: From Foot Pedal Wipers to EcoBoost Engines

The F-series has logged a lot of mileage in the past 65 years.

The F-1 debuted in 1948 with a three-speed transmission and 95 horsepower. Water for washing the windshield was pumped using a foot pedal, and the passenger-side taillight was optional. (We’ve even got a 1948 F-1 badge to celebrate it.)

The F-Series has come a long way since then.

bsd_Ford_F-Series_infographic_design_lk10 (1)

Four-door crew cabs appeared in the 1960s. It was designed to become more aerodynamic in the 1980s. In the 1990s, it got the more rounded style we’ve come to know and love. And, of course, the EcoBoost engine made its debut in the 2011 model.

The 2013 F-150 boasts nearly four times the horses of the 1948 model – and a special mode that makes towing and hauling a breeze. An available LCD productivity screen keeps drivers in the know; in 1948, LCD technology was still in its infancy, decades from making its way into vehicles.

No matter the bells and whistles, F-Series trucks have been a mainstay since their introduction.

So what will the next 65 years hold?

Will we see new dashboard technology? A new cab style? What kind of engine does a future truck have?

Share your ideas for the next generation of F-Series trucks. What will be the next round of tech upgrades? How will the F-Series stick to its rugged roots? You tell us.

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ecsmith 1948 only had a 6 cyl in line no v6. correct me if i am wrong. ps it was a flathead
1 year(s) ago via
AAC It was an INLINE 6, not a V6...
1 year(s) ago via
Clayton W I have owned at least one of almost every model year of Ford pick-ups from 1938 to the present. It would be interesting to see a representative truck from each year.
1 year(s) ago via
meysam f سلام فورد دمتون گرم هستم(F150)من عاشق ماشيناي شما مخصوصا سري بزرگترين آرزوم اينه كه نمايندگي ماشيناي شما را تو كشورم ايران داشته باشم. I LOVE FORD
1 year(s) ago via
lari h have 4-wheel crab-stearing, for getting out of a tight spot or situation at the push of a button !!!!
1 year(s) ago via
Jeff Wow
1 year(s) ago via
Norman Super!!!! Ford leads the pack Always has!!!!!!!!!
1 year(s) ago via
Marsha S You can not beat a good FORD truck. I learned to drive at 9 years old on a Ford panel truck. My husband and I have always had FORD trucks...love them. Our current model is F-150 2010 crew cab . One thing us "old people need is a better step(ENTRY) system so we can keep driving these babies(I have had 3 knee replacements and 1 hip replaced so far the other hip surgery is planned later this year)this makes it difficult to get in the newer trucks they are higher off the ground.I have found the electric steps and even electric lifts but they are $ 2,000 to $5,000 in price I can't afford that and the new truck too. Is there anyway a two step entry system could be designed.
1 year(s) ago via
Jose R Gallardo I am a total Ford owner, started with a 55 Ford car, 64 Ford Falcon, 1970 Maverick, 73 Ford Pinto, 76 ford econoline, a 52 Ford F1, 94 F150LT. 2007 F150 LT. 2008 F150 Supercrew, and finally a 53 Ford p/u which I will rebuild sometime in the future, if I do not kick the bucket. Been driving since I was fifteen I am 65 now and have not had problems with any of these vehicles. Keep up the good work, will never buy foreign made car or truck, Peace from Yancey Texas. God's Country, We have a saying, " This is Gods Country Don't drive through like Hell." You have a tremedous product don't stop.
1 year(s) ago via
Roger P All that technology in the new one and it weighs 15 lbs less than the 1948
1 year(s) ago via
Clarence C Also, the foot pedal actuated the windshield washer; the windshield wipers had a knob on the dash board.
1 year(s) ago via
TurboDave "V6" ?? It gets to me how in Craigslist ads people assume any 6 is a V6. If you're writing an article for Ford Social, it should be correct.
1 year(s) ago via
carter Fail, it was an inline 6 not v6, but Ford is the best!
1 year(s) ago via
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1948 F-1 Truck
1948 F-1 Truck
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