Drive One: Take Five

Three more “One More Reason” advertisements will be on the air On Monday, December 14. Once again, you get a preview of the spots.

Here’s a short setup for each of the new video spots:
  • “Amanda Flex” shows us how easy it is to make more space with her fold-flat third-row seats

  • “Rachel Escape Hybrid” lets us know that with her SYNC® navigation system, she never has to worry about finding a place to park

  • “Frederick Escape Hybrid” talks about how much more there is to love about the Ford Escape Hybrid than just great fuel economy

You can also view all of the previously loaded videos in this series.

These videos are of people sharing their thoughts and opinions about new Ford cars, crossovers and SUVs. The comments are as real as the people who made them. They are not scripted. In fact, these people didn't know that they were being filmed for Ford commercials. That's the only way to get genuine opinions, and that's how these were produced.

This is a continuation of last year's very successful work under the Drive One advertising campaign. Ford will keep highlighting accomplishments in four key areas that shape the reputation of the company - Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. Ford will continue its ongoing commitment to the community, the environment and innovation.

Do you have a story about Ford that you want to share? You can submit your story and upload a video or photo to make your Ford Story part of the Ford Story. Click here to see other stories and to learn more about submitting yours.

Ford continues to stand apart from competitors. From nontraditional marketing successes such as using social media to generate more than 80,000 hand raisers for the upcoming Ford Fiesta to leveraging global car platforms to bringing new cars such as the Ford C-MAX to North America, Ford is different and making progress.
O 12/22/2009
Just sayin hey to all the people... Good job on the new models, love the raptor.
Kim 12/18/2009
Zach, as I understand it ,the Mercury is packaged to appeal to women. And I happen to think it works. When I compare the Ford and the Mercury that are similar, I always like the Mercury better. I know that essentially, they are the same car, but somehow the Mercury is more appealing. And it is a niche that can be expanded without total car redesign. It can be the little things that make the difference and bring in women car buyers.
Zach 12/17/2009
Bottom line is Ford does to much rebageing. I mean seriously how is Mercury a profitable brand. The truth is its not and soon will be laying out in the graveyard with Oldsmobile and Plymoth. Mercurys are nothing but Fords with a Mercury logo slaped on the grille and rear. Mercury hasnt recieved a new product since the Milan " again just an overpriced Ford Fusion with 2 tone leather ". and while Buick is constantly introducing new products like Lacrosse, Regal, and another compact sedan coming in the future Mercury has zippo. As for Ford not going " belly up " good for the people who handle in the money at Ford, good job, but im talking about product and Ford does to much rebageging. Mercurys best days days are gone and so is Lincolns. Sorry
Mon_Dude 12/17/2009
To keep things relevant to the article... I believe that these are clever ads that will do well to change the stereo type of detroit vehicles. They cleverly disarm you with real personable people and context, have relevant real word examples and they are short enough not to over stay there welcome. On the GM side I always thought the OnStar safety ads where a good gripping example of gm safety tech.

off topic...
>I personally drive a ford and it is my favorite car (Sport trac) and despite the fact that ford is discontinuing the car (which has a very loyal fan base) I believe there current strategy in vehicle design and advertising is the right one for the times.
>One problem i do have is that it seems the small off road SUV has been abandoned by them... I think a smartly designed ecoboost body on frame bronco would sell like hotcakes.
Zach 12/16/2009
Doc have you looked at the Enclave, Lacrosse, Lucerne or Regal. All three have fantastic quality ans style i own one so i should know. Mercury is nothing but rebeged Fords, you need to check your facts. You were reffering to the OLD Equinox " it was redisigned with improved EPA. Its fine if you like Fusion better just personally i like the Malibu. True, in the past GMs cars were not world class, now alot GMs models have been put ahead of Ford. GMs new logo is " the NEW class of world class ". As for HUMMER, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab are all brands of the old GM look at cars Like Lacrosse, Regal, New Equinax, NEW Srx, CTS Sport wagon, and Terrain, GMs newnest models and there is an excellent attention to Detail. GM has also come out with alot more new product. Lincoln just got awarded worst car names of ANY brand in the world. im not calling Ford a bad motor company but GM is not sinking " Chrysler maybe " . i have compared stock and im sorry but in my eyes and alot of other peoples and GM wins. Town Car and Grand Marquies are both very nice cars, but i just saw where Ford is going to close that plant. Camaro is ahead of Mustang because its a better more stylish car. Sorry. GM is getting alot of product praise. And GM is on its way to the top and soon will be at the top.
Doc 12/15/2009
Your facts are wrong, Zach. Equinox does NOT get better EPA ratings than Escape Hybrid. City it's Ford: 34, Chevy 22! Highwyay Chevy's ahead by 1MPG. Hybrid's are designed for improved city driving, NOT highway. And Fusion Hybrid easily beats Malibu Hybrid. Quality? Consumer Reports calls Ford's offerings "World Class" unlike GM and Chrysler products. Mercury has product, Zazh, unlike: Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer. All dead or dying. Styling? All subjective. Mustang? Camaro's ahead only because of pent up demand. Hate to burst your bubble but Ford, unlike GM and Chrysler isn't sinking......................Ford is rated the world's automotive technology leader. Not GM or Chrysler or Mercedes or BMW or Lexus. Look at their safety innovations. Air bags in shoulder harnesses! And in drivetrain technology there's Eco-Boost! Ford's a succes story from any angle. And they're being recognized for it. Look at their stock. Compare it to Government Motots........I mean GM. Give Ford its due. They're earned it.
Robert 12/15/2009
I like these commercials.Instead of spending money(In Chryslers case,our money) on silly commercials,these spots show the car candidly in real sistuations with real people.No graphics or touch-ups to make the car look like its from a sci-fi movie
Zach 12/14/2009
Hey, Im am not a big Chrysler fan as far as the company goes. But GMs sales are on the rise again. Ford does make some nice looking cars like the F-150. I probably was a little harsh on Ford. Just personally i think Ford makes somewhat uninpressive cars to me compared to GM.
Mark 12/14/2009
Hey Zach, didn't GM and Chrysler go belly up??????????????? Wonder why? They're not relevant. Ford continues to increase market share. And without taxpayer money.
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