Puppies and Father’s Day are Just Two of the New Articles this Week on theFordStory

There is quite a collection of new stories on theFordStory this week. We’ve highlighted here some of the most entertaining stories from you, including a first person account from the Jopin, MO, tornado and  a puppy story – and who can resist a puppy story? And, of course, a high-mileage account.

There were plenty of new ideas submitted to Ford through the web site, and we posted several articles this week to round things out with some Father’s Day gift ideas, news on Ford electric vehicle technology and a new feature of SYNC® Services that lets you keep tabs on your Fantasy Baseball stats.

Here’s what’s new this week on theFordStory.

Your Stories

Surviving The Tornado

May 22 2011 an EF5 tornado struck Joplin Mo and devastated hundreds of lives. My parents and siblings were among them. After the tornado hit and the greater part of the tornado had passed my parents extracted themselves from under the debris of the house and went for the truck. The truck took severe damage and my parents weren’t even sure if the truck would start, but when they crawled in and turned the key it started right up. Read more…

240k+ Mile Escape

On May 22, 2011, my wife and I attended our daughter, Jeane’s, graduation from high-school. This was an event that we had hoped for, but feared wouldn’t happen. Jeane has Autism Spectrum Disorder, but is high functioning. She is also the first child ( to our knowledge ) in the Missouri school system to be able to bring an Autism Service Dog, Athena, to a public school. Read more…

A Day At The Millpond

Our yellow lab had 10 puppies we sold all of them. But before we sold all of them we took 6 of them and their mom and our german shephard to the mill pond on a very hot day. We loaded them up in the back of my husbands ford truck. When we got there they were ready to get out. Read more…

Your Ideas

new generation F150, new Expedition

Consider the idea of making new generation F150 a little bit smaller in all dimensions and lighter. Read more…

Propulsion+Convenience Battery

The EV should have 2 batteries. One large 100 mile battery for everything involved in the propulsion of the car, and another smaller battery for convenience features like air conditioning/stereo/power windows, heated seats, etc. Read more…

Panoramic Solar Roof

Offer a panoramic solar roof as an option for the Focus Electric, C-Max Hybrid/Energi and the new 2013 Fusion/MKZ Hybrid. Read more…

Our Stories

What Ford-themed Gift Do You Want for Father’s Day?

We’ve got details on the smallest engine Ford has ever built, a new 1.0-liter EcoBoost™ three-cylinder. It’s not just efficient; it’s super efficient. Seriously – that displacement is the same as a cruiser motorcycle’s! Read more…

American Road Update: Chicago, Dearborn and Brooklyn

Before Paul could get in his 2011 Explorer and happily zoom away, he was given a first-class tour of the Ford Chicago Assembly plant where the Explorer was built. The Ford Chicago Assembly plant is estimated to churn out about 1,160 vehicles per day. Read more…

Keep Track of Your Fantasy Baseball League From Your Vehicle

It’s that season, America’s favorite pastime: baseball! Wait – make that fantasy baseball. (And nearly 7 million people are playing it.) Yet as with most of the things enjoyed in life, carving out spare moments to partake in said enjoyment can often be difficult, and we all know managing a fantasy team of any kind requires dedication and special attention. Read more…

Hot Focus Electric, Cool Battery Technology

You know the complaints you hear people spew when the weather gets hot? Well, it’s hard out there for a battery, too. Extreme hotness may not be a problem for, say, George Clooney (or Robert Pattinson, depending on your age/taste), but high temps can potentially affect an electric vehicle’s battery performance and potentially reduce its range. Read more…

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Puppies and Father’s Day are Just Two of the New Articles this Week on theFordStory
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