Mulally Shares Details of Ford’s Turnaround, Current Success and Challenges

From the importance of drawing our global diversity to the laser-like focus on the Ford brand, Alan Mulally, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, talked openly with James Surowiecki of The New Yorker.


They also talked about the turnaround at Ford, and the work that is still going on to make that turnaround a success. Hybrids, electric cars and even the future of the automobile industry, were covered.



According to The New Yorker, this was the first interview in a new series of video conversations with policy makers, business leaders and economists.

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Loren Dunn Hi Mr. Mulally, I was wondering if you guys could please make a new 2013 or 2014 Ford Ranger that is mixed with these designs of the 2011 Ford Ranger and the 2011 Ford F-150. For example, Have the new Ranger mid-size truck have the same Front design as the 2011 Ford have the new Ranger have the same back lights of that of the 2011 Ford F-150/ You guys may need to make the lights smaller because the new ranger is going to be a midsize truck instead of a full size truck. But, please leave the sides, the hood, and the door handles the same as the 2011 Ford Ranger. Also if you do make this..keep in mind for making a new stepside & for keeping the lite metallic gray color as usual. Also try not to make the new 2013 ranger into a futuristic hunk of junk like is shown on the photos on google...which looks alot like the ford ranger that Australia has today. If you decide to go with this idea, make sure to have a crewcab option. Anyway if my idea sounds good, Please feel free to contact me, Your Friend Always, LJD...
3 year(s) ago via
Allan Hagelthorn Mr. Mullaly I came across this video while doing doctoral research comparing core and enabling technologies between Boeing and Ford Motor Company. I have had the opportunity to work for both companies, Ford when I was much younger (1970's) when Ford was a controlling directing leadership environment, and Boeing, after you had brought transformational leadership to that company and their abandonment of the style and reverting back to controlling directing because they were not able to deal with the problems, setbacks, and involvement necessary. What I see is how your commitment to transformational leadership works and will be one of the reasons Ford will be successful and what happens when an industry is not committed. Keep up the great work, I hope I get an opportunity to work with Ford again in the global arena.
5 year(s) ago via
Jerry Conway I knew Alan Mulally would turn Ford on it's ear & come our with world-class products. I worked for him at the Boeing Helicopter Div.(Phila) years ago. His vision and determination to grow the business was contagious with the V22 and Chinook progam people. He made us sucessful and he will do the same for Ford. I told people, at the the time that he went over to Ford, that there would be important and exciting product changes. Now, just a few years later his focus is transforming Ford into the industry leader it had been, in the past.. I wish him well. Jerry Conway
5 year(s) ago via
alan mulally Joe....thank you for capturing the essence of our Ford transformation to serve our customers with the very best designed cars and trucks in the world while creating a viable profitably growing stong business for the good of us all....thank you!.....alan mulally
5 year(s) ago via
Joe Kranak Alan (Mulally), I've been searching for a way to get a personal note to you, and thought this might work. Thanks for sharing your views on the Ford plan going forward. As a former colleague (now retired), I observed more than a few familiar elements of your interview. I am confident that I will continue to be a Ford customer knowing that you're at the helm. I would also like to thank Ford for continuing to sponsor the various Ironman events, even in the face of economic challenges. My youngest daughter has been a participant in the Coeur d'Alene Ironman the last three years, and it has turned into a great experience for the entire family. I can tell you from personal observation that there are thousands of others with whom a phenominal amount of good will has been created because of Ford's sponsorship. Best of luck to you and your family.
5 year(s) ago via
Michael Collins This was a terrific conversation. It's inspiring. What comes across is authencity. It's about people... ideas and commitment to making things better. We need this same sense of passion in America. Ford is an American icon. The future of the auto industry in the U.S. and our economic confidence and recovery will have a lot to do with what happens in the auto business. What happens in the months and years ahead is anyone's guess but what we do know is that by not changing, doing things diffferently... you get the same results. True to all of us. Thanks Ford for being public with your focus and leading the way, Continue to share your message... it's the American way. The movement is Ford and forward!
5 year(s) ago via
Bart I always liked fords. there my favorite car maker ever. all I drive is ford i only ownd ford my 1st car was a 1995 ford Escort my dad had a 1972 Ford F100 for 36 years and it still works. I drive a 1996 Bronco and love it and a 2000 Mustang and i just got a new 2008 Ranger ford your doing great. I will always buy a Ford.
5 year(s) ago via
David Lyons This is nothing new to me. I've owned Fords since I was 16, so has my mother, dad and grandfather. With over 700,000 miles collectively on our Fords for decades, I don't need a research firm to tell me that Ford makes the best vehicles on the planet! My 2007 Five Hundred runs like a dream with 100,000 miles approaching. It does feel SO good to see research firms put it in print for everyone else who so falsely believes that foreign is better.
5 year(s) ago via
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