Ford Wants to Hear Your Ideas

Ever wish you could share an idea for a future technology or product feature with Ford? The company wants to hear from you!

Your Ideas is a new section on that lets you post your idea and develop it with comments from others. Visitors can participate in a community-based setting online where they can review and comment on each other’s ideas. People can also rate the idea with a thumbs-up or -down. You can track what people think about your suggestions. Ideas that receive the most thumbs-up ratings will be elevated to a most-popular ideas list. Once your idea is refined to the level that you’re satisfied with, you can share it with Ford Motor Company by clicking on

The first step is to create a profile and login by clicking here to go to the Your Ideas section. Once logged in, you’ll have your own dashboard where you can keep track of the ideas you’ve posted, read comments others have written about your ideas and view the ratings on your ideas.

The ideas will be divided by topic to make it easy for us and for others to peruse them. The topic groups will cover the vehicle from bumper to bumper: Fuel economy, performance, comfort, vehicle connectivity, personalization and safety.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more.

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