Announcements Around the World Demonstrate Ford’s Global Growth

Continued global growth is one of the keys to continued success for Ford, as is evidenced with the unveiling of the all-new Ford Figo at a press event in Delhi. The Figo is a major addition to the Ford India brand portfolio, and Alan Mulally, Ford President and CEO, was on hand to underscore the strategic importance of India in Ford’s future plans.

Even though the car will not be available in the U.S. because of regulatory and market differences, it is an important part of the Ford story. It signals Ford’s intention to compete in India’s largest and most important small-car market segment and growth throughout global markets. India’s small car segment accounts for more than 70 percent of the new-vehicle market. The Figo leverages Ford’s small-car platform architecture, sharing underlying technology with the Ford Fiesta, already familiar to Indian drivers.

The press conference in Delhi was the first public preview of the exterior design of the new Ford Figo. Sharing key elements of Ford’s kinetic design language with vehicles like the globally renowned Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo and the Ford Fiesta, Ford Figo features a fresh, contemporary shape that will be a distinctive alternative to traditional brands in this segment. The design language conveys a dynamic spirit of energy in motion.

Design-conscious Italy inspired the new Ford Figo’s name. Figo is colloquial Italian for “cool.”

Ford is reserving further details about the vehicle until closer to its production launch, early in 2010.

New Ford Regional Production Center

The introduction of the new Ford Figo marks a significant shift for India’s role in Ford’s strategy. Ford’s $500 million investment has doubled the plant’s production capacity to 200,000 units per year and introduces major advances in high-quality automation and innovative, eco-friendly production techniques.

Ford Figo models will be produced at the plant for export to international markets. The plant is also being groomed to produce diesel and petrol engines for local vehicle production and export within Ford’s Asia Pacific and Africa regions.

With more automation and new high-tech facilities, the new site reflects the latest Ford manufacturing processes globally and pioneers new technologies for Ford and India. Created with a “best of the best” approach, it has been benchmarked against other competitive facilities globally, as well as the current volume manufacturers in the Indian market, for quality and production efficiency.

The transformed plant introduces eco-friendly production techniques such as its new Three-Wet High-Solids paint process. This approach produces beautifully painted vehicles with three wet coats – primer, base coat and clear coat – of high solids-content paint applied one after the other without oven curing between coats. A first for India, it produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions and reduces volatile organic compounds emissions by about 20 percent compared to current medium-solids solvent-borne paints. Use of high-solids content results in a paint finish with high levels of gloss and depth of color which is more resistant to scratches and stone chips.

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Sreedhar hi, I would like to know what are the special features in Figo which are not available in other small cars in INDIA. could you please describe safety features of Figo? I am worried that most of the small cars in INDIA don't have proper safety features. My idea for Indian market: Why not Ford lunch a electrical version of Figo. Please take my idea, it will be big hit in India, here every one is looking petrol an diesel alternatives. I think M&M has acquired REVA only for this specific reason. Good Luck Ford... :-)
4 year(s) ago via
Royal I'm with you Mike!!! I am on my second VW diesel car, while still driving my F-250 diesel. Come on Ford get us some diesel autos for the US!
4 year(s) ago via
dj _ michigan Loyalty .. can only last so long.. body styles from the ford design teams seem to look 2yrs behind other mfgs and waiting 2-3yrs for promised introduction wtf! come on guys who are you waiting for .. if you want to compete with the future get it here already become the leaders that had others trying to keep up with... not every one has to drive a minivan or grandads family sedan. grrrrr. yes> focus rs/ sportska a pumped festiva maybe figo < let us the market consumer make the decision. see lezlyee above YES!
4 year(s) ago via
ATHOL CHAPMAN I like Ford's Business policy. Buy Ford stock.
4 year(s) ago via
Sam The ONLY Ford I am interested in is the Focus RS, that is NOT sold in the United States for some crazy reason?! Until it is, I have NO interest in purchasing a Ford!
4 year(s) ago via
Daren I was excited to see an experimental ford focus hybrid and ford focus hydrogen on the PBS program scientific american frontiers with alan alda several years ago. I was hoping that someday there would be one available that I could purchase here in the US. Unfortunately it seems that we are still stuck with big gas guzzlers here at home while proven green technology goes unused or is available only overseas.
4 year(s) ago via
Lezlyee I love Ford cars but I also want a car that has incorporated advanced technology without the loss of power. I want European Design and Flair. American’s love these types of designs. I want a car that rides with great stability, excellent power and energy efficiency. I want a 21 Century car produced by Ford. It’s up to Ford to deliver.
4 year(s) ago via
mike Very disappointing! I bought an 05 Focus to hold me over, hoping to trade it in for a Ford Fiesta diesel. There have been rumors all over the net that it was coming to the states for 3+ years. Who's getting a diesel, small car? India!?!? How much longer do Americans have to wait for an compact, American-made, diesel car? Or, do we have to but a Jetta or settle for a Prius?
4 year(s) ago via
Juliana Prechter I am thrilled to see your new product in India and that you are setting a standard for reducing carbon emissions in India. I was also very excited to hear of the paint you are using which prevent scratches to occur easily/ I have a new TSX Acura which I dearly love but it scratches way too easily. I am doing a report on the Ford Company website for my MBA class so have you under the microscope 8-). Your website compared to HSBC has been very appealing. May you be blessed with tremendous success in India!
5 year(s) ago via
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