Focus on the Customer: A Live Chat with 2012 Ford Focus Sound Quality Experts

This is the third post in a series called Focus on the Customer. These videos, articles and live chats take you inside Ford and introduce you to some of the people behind the engineering and testing of the all-new 2012 Ford Focus.

The first one feature Jorge Rivas who talked about the wind tunnel testing of the new Focus for minimized wind noise. You can click here to view the video and read the chat.

Grant Weber chatted about the technology and testing that he uses to help the all-new Focus deliver up to a projected 40 highway miles per gallon. Click here to view the video and read the chat.

This week, you can join Jeff Fessenden and Gurjeet Bains for a live chat at 11:00 a.m. EST on Friday, November 19, 2010. They will discuss the tests that they put the 2012 Ford Focus through to reduce unwanted sounds.
Live Chat with Squeak and Rattle Engineer Jeff Fessenden

Ford Squeak and Rattle Prevention Engineer Jeff Fessenden is based at the recently renovated Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Jeff has been with Ford for 10 years, and he is aiming for high quality and customer satisfaction with the all-new Focus. Jeff spends much of his time in the assembly plant with a 4-post tester as well as on the plant floor helping address issues. He also helps evaluate vehicles on the test track located at the plant.

Jeff is partnered with Gurjeet Bains, who is also a Squeak and Rattle Prevention Engineer, from the Ford product development launch team. Gurjeet had been with Ford for 9 years, and he is responsible for full vehicle squeak and rattle testing. He identifies issues and proposes engineering solutions to produce squeak and rattle free vehicles.

Together, these engineers take pre-production Focus models over varied road surfaces, replicated on a four-post platform – housed in a semi trailer rig – that simulates actual vehicle driving behavior in hot and cold temperature extremes, making sure that squeak and rattle error states are eliminated.

Ever Focus off the assembly line is tested over actual road surfaces, stressing the suspension and body for potential squeaks and rattles, in a small proving ground track within the production facility campus. This comprehensive testing regimen ensures that every Ford Focus will please customers with its lack of squeaks and rattles and high quality.

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