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why not bring the Taurus to the European market? the Taurus would be a cheap, but much better alternative to the BMW 7 SERIES, & VW Phaeton.


That’s a great question. Right now our largest sedan in Europe is the Mondeo, which is roughly the size of the current Ford Fusion. And in Europe, that’s considered a relatively large product. Yes, there are larger sedans on the road, mostly Audis and BMWs and Mercedes, but they are super-luxury flagships for the brands. Do we think a Taurus SHO could be considered in the same league? An interesting question to be sure. At this point, though, our priority is launching an all-new Mondeo later this year, a car we believe will further improve the overall image of the Ford brand in Europe. And until the Blue Oval has an image in Europe as strong as Mercedes or BMW, competing with them in the flagship-sedan segment would be most difficult.

Jon We (Europeans) drove a Taurus rental during our stay in the USA. Loved it and think it will sell well.
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Steve It wouldn't be competing directly against the 7 series, S class, etc., it would be cheaper to buy and run, luxury motoring with Ford running costs, it would go down well in these money conscious times, and would eat into B.M.W., Mercedes, etc. sales.
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samuel t Indeed. Well, maybe whilst the public's perceptions of the Ford brand may prevent it from competing with luxury flagships, what's the harm with bringing it over anyway other than the fact you would sell a lot more Tauruses? You could offer an alternative to maybe; the BMW 5 series, or the Mercedes E class, which are slightly more luxurious than say, a Mondeo, but not flagships that the Taurus couldn't compete with. Not to mention that it would also sell well against the Chrysler 300 and a few other cars. It would also greatly improve Ford's brand image in Europe and not only will Ford make more profit from the Taurus, they would sell a lot more cars overall with a better brand image.
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samuel t I do agree that bringing the Taurus Limited and Taurus SHO to Europe in later years would be a good idea when the overall image of Ford is improved by the new Mondeo. The mondeo is a large family car like the Fusion is in the U.S, and a Taurus would be considered a luxury car in Europe, especially with the technologies included with the Taurus.
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Alexey I remember in the nineties I met a German man who drove a second generation Ford Taurus. He purchased it from some American who shipped it over as his personal vehicle. He thought it was fantastic, and was very excited to have it, because in his mind a car that large and with a V6 motor was very prestigious, especially given its unique imported status. I personally think there is room for the Taurus in Europe.
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