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Why can't you keep the gas fill on the driver's side of new vehicles to prevent frustration at gas stations?


As for fuel cap door locations, they vary from product-to-product for a number of engineering and packaging issues. There are no government regulations on the subject of left side or right, so our engineers place the fuel filler on the side that makes the most sense.  The only relevant government regulation, in fact, is that no fuel can leak in a crash test. Considering that, the decision on left or right becomes a packaging decision.  In the Flex, for instance, the fuel filler is on the passenger side in part because the mechanism for the power liftgate is packaged on the driver side.  Because the fuel filler location varies, we clearly identify the location with an indicator in the fuel gauge—which hopefully reduces an awkward moments for our customers at the gas station!  And while we’re on the subject – could you find the fuel filler nozzle on a 1956 Continental Mark II?  Talk about awkward moments!

Fred H Priebe Ford is not consistent in the location of the gas door on their vehicles.  My 04 Town Car has it on the drivers side, where it should be, but the new mks, mkx, mkt and mkc all have it on the passenger side, however they have put the gas door on the drivers side of the mkz.  How come?
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Len Fuel Cap Location It should be mandatory that all vehicles (autos and trucks) sold in the US have the fuel cap located on the driver's side. When fueling the consumer if disable or elderly should be able to reach the fuel cap without traveling around the auto in bad weather. During exiting your auto at the fuel station the driver would face a stationary fuel pump rather than having passing autos moving by that may result in injury. Pulling a trailer allows fill-up w/o maneuvering around the vehicle or trailer. Coming front bumper to bumper with another auto at the station will be avoided. Both parties will be traveling in the same direction and the frustration that happens today should be resolved. These are some important reasons at the fuel station to have a driver's side fuel cap. There are also many more reasons during your normal driving day your safety will be improved if all had the fuel cap on the driver's side. Manufacturers from Europe have the fuel cap on the passenger side. This has guided the US manufacturer to place them on the passenger side for European shipment resulting a savings but creates a big safety and inconvenient issue in the US.
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Pete Taylor yep, I walked away from a new escape because I don't need to be aggraveted twice a week with having to lock the door and walk around to the wrong side.
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Carolgram I have a 2008 Ford Explorer and love it.  The fuel fill is on the passenger side, but I don't have to worry about that because I live in New Jersey and we don't have to pump our own gas!  So......if all this fuel filler location really bothers you, move to Jersey and have one less worry in your life!
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CAROL Carol T. Wanted to purchase the Explorer, but since the tank had to be filled on the passenger side, settled for the Escape.
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Mickey Mouse I think it is a dumb idea to have the cap on the passenger side as you have to walk around the car every time you fill up with gas.  Consistency is key so that you know where the cap is with different cars you drive. Now, if the passenger is paying for the gas, on their side is a great idea!
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Charles Pederson Drivers side only please. Keep right at the gas station and don't have to walk around the car to fill while crook steals from the unlocked and out of sight drivers door. I will never own a car with filler on the passenger side.
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Jason M I have to concur with the idea of the everyone should be aware which side their fill up is on. I think Ford did a wonderful job indicating it inside the car. It just goes to show that some people have to much time on their hands to worry about what side the gas filler should be on. Let Ford decide. I would think they know best.
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Juston P Why not put the capless filler in the middle of the rear bumper? This way it doesn't matter what side the pump is on when you pull up, and the hose will still reach...
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Russell C Drivers side only for ease of pulling up to the pump properly and stopping within the distance necessary to install the proper grade of fuel needed for your vehicle. I have watched people take forever trying to get there vehicles aligned to the pump properly because of passenger side fueling systems
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Chad K I remember reading somewhere in the past that if all vehicles had the fuel filler cap on the same side it would cause much more chaos at gas stations. I personally would rather have the cap on the passenger side for safety reasons; imagine you are along the interstate and you need to put some gas in your car from a can. You just get used to whatever side it is on. My last three cars had it on the driver's side but then the cars I had it on beforehand didn't.
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Ian B As an owner, you need to be responsible enough to know which side your filler cap is on.
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It isn't remembering which side the filler is on that is so much the issue. The problem comes at the busy gas station when you have some cars filling on the right; some on the left. Just try to find the right lane when you have cars going in from both directions. Like "AA" batteries that are the same size, or CD's that play in any machine. Choose a side and make 'em all the same (I like the driver's side).
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